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Fashion Ηonours the Revolution

1821 to 2021 – Greece is celebrating the 200th anniversary of her struggle for independence, and Greek fashion is parading its way into a new era of inspiration in design. The revolutionary period is so much more than historical fact. Those events are lessons in courage and boldness – an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the world. And so it is in the world of Greek fashion, where designers are striving to incorporate the revolutionary spirit into their creations. Skirts reminiscent of ‘fustanella‘ (skirt-like pleated garments traditionally worn by men), scarves incorporating elements of the Greek flag, jewellery engraved with the names, words and symbols that are intrinsic to Greek history, culture and thought – these ideas are the driving force behind some of the biggest names in Greek fashion. Lakis Gavalas, a name synonymous with industry-leading brands, has brought together the most outstanding collections. Their inspiration– the 1821 Revolution.

The leading fashion house celebrated the 200th anniversary with a scarf dedicated to freedom. The work of art was signed by artist Elias Kafouros, and its design recalls a one-of-a-kind flag.

In a smart, fresh but also traditional way, the Greek brand commemorated the 200th anniversary by creating a handbag, the 1821 Pouch, using the traditional national costume (fustanella) as inspiration.

The Greek fashion house, drawing inspiration from the culture, roots and colours of Greece, celebrates the 200th anniversary with a blue and white striped dress named ‘Hellas’.

The ’Flag‘ is the name that Apriati Jewels chose to give to its creation. A bracelet made of blue and white cord, inspired by the first Greek flag, with a clasp in gold or silver and the word ‘Hellas’ engraved on it.

Designer Irini Arabatzidou, inspired by Angelos Sikelianos’ poem ‘Ode to Makrygiannis’, created a commemorative piece of jewellery with birds as its theme – the ultimate symbol of peace and freedom.

Ergon Mykonos
The SS21 collection takes its inspiration from the Revolution as it was rendered in paintings of the period. The collection retains the complexity of the colours, shapes, and variety of clothing designs, but also of the power of those women who embodied the revolutionary spirit.

Grecian Chic
Elena Zournatzis’ silk scarf represents the waistcoat of the ritual uniform of the ‘Evzones’, soldiers of the Greek presidential guard. The traditional ‘fermeli’ waistcoat is embroidered with white or gold thread, while the yellow stripes indicate the soldier’s rank.