Palette of Colours

How much beauty can one place hold? Infinite, if that place is Assos.

Ten kilometers after Myrtos and twenty five before Fiskardo lies the picturesque village of Assos, also known as the Portofino of Greece. It is a treasure with only 100 inhabitants and tiny alleys that compose a beautifully unique palette of colours: sea blues, pomegranate reds, yellows, ochers, oranges and vegetal greens. The white-pebbled shore, sheltered in a horseshoe-shaped harbour, is beauty worthy of a postcard. Enjoy the crisp coolness of morning under the shade of pines. Have a delicious brunch accompanied by exotic cocktails at ‘3 Wise Monkeys’. If hunger hits taste traditional meat pies at ‘Platanos’ or enjoy fresh seafood in the surrounding tavernas. Swim in the bay’s shallow, turquoise waters and discover the surrounding beaches with the sailing boats moored at their docks. During sunset, take the opportunity to explore the castle on the peninsula opposite the bay. The word is that the Ithaca of Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ is there.