Myconian Chic

The esteemed Interni Restaurant in Matoyiannia unveils Mykonosʼ most exquisite garden.

In one of the most popular summer destinations, Interni Restaurant & Bar is writing history. Their story innately connects with the island’s uniqueness. Created by Nikos Varveris, a true visionary and passionate lover of Mykonos, it has become synonymous with simple luxury and culinary excellence. This iconic establishment effortlessly fuses eclectic design with the allure of its surroundings. The courtyard and garden embody the essence of Matoyiannia, combining bold lines, natural textures and elaborate forms. Rock and colours of white and blue marry in aesthetic uniqueness, a creation by famous designer Paola Navone that transports you to the authentic Mykonos.

It’s akin to attending a delightful party in good company, including the dynamic duo of the younger Varveris generation –Philip and Alex– who now spearhead Interni. Enthusiasts of both culinary craftsmanship and aesthetic finesse, the Varveris brothers, along with their esteemed team of collaborators and experts, seamlessly merge the realms of hospitality and artistry into an elevated form, crafting an addictive and enchanting experience that captures the irresistible charm of Mykonos.