Foinikia: a jewel of Santorini

The beautiful, traditional hamlet of Foinikia is just a ten minute walk from the centre of Oia. When seen up close, everyone’s first remark is, ‘can this be real’? There are no cars, the houses are dug into the earth, and the yards are adorned with prickly pears and bougainvillea in every imaginable colour. In the old days, Foinikia was home to Oia’s farmers, and it was here they grew the grapes that gave us Vinsanto wine, as well as Santorini’s unique cherry tomatoes, fava beans, and all the other crops that thrive in Santorini’s volcanic soil. This is also where the island’s notables and inhabitants of Oia kept their kanaves, the impressive-underground galleries used for storing wine or housing livestock. Today, most of the kanaves have been turned into unique guest houses. Foinikia’s atmosphere is special, too. Its unique architecture, tranquillity and sea views transport you back in time to when the world was still peaceful, quiet and simple: where one could live, not simply exist...

Tip: the key date in the Foinikia calendar is 20 October, the day the beautiful chapel of Agia Matrona hosts a saint’s day celebration full of joy, music and feasting. If you happen to be around, whatever you do, don’t miss it!