©  Michaela/Unsplash

Sunset Views

If you wish to see the sunset from Oia’s best vantage point, get there early! Arriving at sunset is too late. You will know by the sheer volume of folks standing by. What you don’t know is that there are locations in Santorini where the sunset performs stunningly and quietly on a nightly basis, minus the selfie-crowd. On the way to Akrotiri, there are two cafés overlooking views facing west. It’s a decent spot to hop out and watch the sunset over the caldera. The views from the castle in Pyrgos are even better, a climb that is made on foot. From here, the entirety of the sunset over the island fits into a single frame. A climb even higher to the Monastery of the Prophet Εlias will reward you with plummeting views and the extraordinary feeling of being in flight. It’s a ten minute drive from Pyrgos. At this height, turning your head affords a 360 degree, panoramic view of Santorini.

©  Michaela/Unsplash
© Michaela/Unsplash