The Paths of Skiathos

One of the best destinations for hiking in Greece, in powerful shades of blue and green.

A magnificent network of hiking trails stretches across the island, revealing archaeological treasures, Byzantine monuments, impressive beaches and nature drowned in greenery.

1 Chora: Walk the uncongested streets and urban paths around the city to discover its hidden secrets and learn its way of life.

2 Boats and Planes: Cross the old shipyards, visit the famous airport of Skiathos and hike an easy route to some of its archaeological sites.

3 Lake and Sea: The path through the wetlands of Agios Georgios is ideal for beginners who wish to enjoy birdwatching and beautiful views.

4 The Olive Path: Begin from the Chora and continue through the rural landscapes of olive groves, farms and the streams of Ganoti and Agalianou to reach Nikotsara beach.

5 The Roads of the Monastery: From the Chora, head to Monastery Evangelistria on a route filled with olive trees.

6 The Roads of Castle: Discover a region apart from the island’s settlements on a memorable hiking trail to antiquities, monasteries, chapels, watermills, springs, threshing floors and beaches.

7 Walking to the Peaks: Enjoy a magnificent view of Pelion, Skopelos, Alonissos and the whole of Skiathos on a forgiving route that passes the winery.

8 Faith and Antiquities: History intertwines religion, nature and agriculture on a route that begins at Agia Anastasia church in Pyrgi and ends at the Castle.

9 Following Water: The area around Kechria Monastery has two creeks with abundant water and lush vegetation. Visit the monastery, the creek with the watermills, and walk through the forest to reach the beaches of Kechria and Ligaries.

10 Water and Wind: Feel absolute freedom from panoramic views of the forest of Skiathos on top of Mt Elatos. Lose yourself in the dense vegetation along the stream of Acheela. The route is challenging for experienced hikers.

11 Panoramas of Skiathos: Enjoy views in all directions. Pass the Monastery of Iconistria to see where its icon was discovered. Near the beach at the end of the route is the Platanias swamp, a small island wetland.

12 The Round of Kanapitsa: This route passes through the beaches of Kanapitsa, Vromolimnos and Kolios and is ideal for running.

13 Mountain and Sea: In the heart of nature, a forest of green pines stretches to the shoreline. From Monastery of Iconistria, cross the forest and descend to the beaches of Mikros and Megalos Aselinos.

14 Forest and Sea: Wander through the beautiful landscapes of the Aesthetic Forest of Mandraki, the beaches of Mandraki, Elia and Agistros, Trachalomandra Ridge overlooking Koukounaries, and the wetlands of Strofilia.

15 Fresh and Salt Water: Discover the wetlands of Strofilia on a unique route passing through the Aesthetic Forest of Koukounaria, ending at its beautiful beach. It is the first route in Greece that is accessible to people with disabilities.