In this city brimming with creativity and fresh ideas, its residents embrace traditions through a progressive lens.

Ancient Kallos
Light, earthy colour tones, clean lines, traditional Greek pleats and designs reminiscent of aesthetically rich eras filled with imagination – the Stavrou sisters knew exactly what they wanted to achieve when they started their company ten years ago: collections inspired by periods of ancient Greek history, incorporating shapes, textures and images from museum exhibits. It’s not by chance that their studio is in one of Thessaloniki’s most exquisite neighbourhoods on Antigonidon Street. Jewellery, baskets adorned with distinctive patterns and dishes crafted in Skyros specifically for their company contribute to the burst of inspiration and creativity. 

6Exi Ceramics
The downtown gallery, with expansive glass windows allowing natural light to grace its interior, immediately unveils simplicity, a connection with earthly elements and the fusion of aesthetically perfect yet functional ceramics. Renowned artist George Vavatsis, a member of the International Academy of Ceramics, has brought modern aesthetics into daily life, elevating simple forms through unique creations. Delving into various facets of this art for many years, he established his initial studio in the city in 2000 and, since 2017, collaborates with Ifigenia Tsirou at the 6Εxi gallery, crafting practical and decorative objects while continually implementing new ideas.

Ariadne Kapelioti
The sophisticated reception area exudes warmth with vibrant colours and is adorned with fashion items, books on photography and architecture and tasteful decorative pieces. Display cases proudly exhibit Ariadne Kapelioti’s groundbreaking jewellery. As the first in Greece to incorporate 3D printing technology in jewellery making, Ariadne, a physics graduate with studies at prestigious institutions like the London College of Fashion, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design, seamlessly merges science with art. Her intricate creations not only achieve impeccable aesthetic effects but also carry an ecological aspect, utilising zero waste materials.

Penelope Loom
After years dedicated to interior architecture, Meropi Ververi transitioned her focus to the art of weaving, a skill inherited from her grandmother. Meropi meticulously handles primary materials, including sheep’s wool from Greek breeds, silks, linens and cotton, overseeing every stage of the process from the raw material to the finished thread. Presently, she not only showcases her craft through an annual collection but also collaborates with companies, architects and designers. Through workshops, she shares her knowledge with enthusiasts and institutions supporting vulnerable social groups. Penelope Loom has earned the Green Brand Award for its ecological contributions to the fashion industry.