An Imaret Experience

In the historic hotel of Kavala, with its oriental atmosphere, the art of cooking is synonymous with a sacred ritual.

As a religious, educational and charitable centre –Mehmet Ali’s contribution to Kavala’s cultural heritage– Imaret has transitioned into a new era under the Missirian family’s stewardship without compromising its essence. Stepping inside unveils the authentic cosmopolitanism of the Ottoman Empire. 

Τhat ambience will welcome you during Imaret’s 4 o’clock tea ritual. Indulge in exceptional teas from Marriage Frères and Lalani & Co, accompanied by homemade scones with cream and jam and unique sandwiches. This unfolds within the ambience of history, offering a panoramic view of Kavala. 

With utmost respect, amidst the profound silence that accentuates the gravity of the space, the dinner table is meticulously arranged and reserved for an exclusive few. Chef Stelios Chatziavramidis has evolved with Imaret preserving the culinary traditions that have adorned its tables for years. French and Greek wines, coupled with those of Drama, enhance a menu that reveres local products. 

Fish is delicately cooked in a thin layer of clay, a fillet is enveloped in a buttery crust of spices, and pilaf with pomegranate and dried fruits follows a recipe from 800 CE. The flavours are an experiential journey.