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The Kaiki Experience

Should you only have 8 hours to spare while visiting Kefalonia, book a spot on Captain Gerasimos’ kaiki, a traditional fishing boat, and he’ll take care of the rest. At day break, when the Ionian fishermen burst into song, the fishing nets are gathered in. If you happen to land a few dragonfish along with the shrimp in your haul, then make ‘kakavia‘ – a fantastic fish soup. Before diving into Captain Gerasimos’ main dish of shrimp spaghetti, slip into the emerald green waters of the White Rocks. While the seafood cooks, and the aromas emanating from the galley settle about the vessel, go explore the deserted island of Vardiani. When the time comes to toast with your fist glass of robola wine, ask Captain Gerasimos to relay the tale of how he saved his friend from an 11 Beaufort storm.