© Gerovassiliou Estate

Art Celebrates Wine

Epanomi is a short drive from Thessaloniki airport. On the way, the Thermaic Gulf opens on your right. The city in the background appears as if it’s floating on the sea.

The 720 fertile acres of the Gerovassiliou Estate vineyard are cooled by sea breezes coming in off the gulf. Wet your lips with one of a variety of wonderful whites at the winery. Allow your gaze to travel to the slopes of Mt. Olympus. Following this path to the wines of Epanomi is an artful experience. At the Gerovassiliou Estate, the production of wine is an art form in and of itself, and is celebrated as such. The vineyard on the property features the work of leading Greek artists; peruse at your leisure. The works arranged outside the museum appear as if they were born from the landscape, much like the grapes from their vines. These artists and their works have left an indelible, timeless mark on contemporary Greek art, and they will leave their mark on you, too. The ancient Greeks used wine to make libations to their gods; at Gerovassiliou Estate, it is art that makes libations to the production of wine. At the museum, you will have the opportunity to come face to face with an art form that has evolved from Greece’s mythical past. You will also have the opportunity to view one of the largest collections of corkscrews in the world, with more than 2,600 examples on display. This eclectic collection even includes corkscrews from the 18th century – truly symbolic objects of high aesthetics and engineering. Finally, there is the wine itself. Inside the subtleties of their flavours are stories to be told. It is up to you to put them into words.