The First "Grocerant" in Greece

Heading east toward the airport, Thessaloniki’s main boulevard now sports an oasis of nature-themed shopping and gastronomy: Ergon Agora East. It simply must be experienced!

This modern, integrated-food concept store on Thessaloniki's east side, measures 2,500 square metres to include a Mediterranean market, a 15-acre seaside garden featuring 3,500 different plants, vegetables and 2.5 acres of flower beds. This is a seaside cultural experience that is sure to brighten your day.

Spend an entire day shopping surrounded by food, entertainment and tranquility. Find everything you need under one roof: a supermarket, a grocery, a butcher and fishmonger, and a florist. There's also a wine cellar featuring many fine Greek labels and spirits, a pastry shop where sweets are baked in a wood-burning oven, and a fantastic grill that fills your plate with farm-fresh fare.

In addition, there are various canteens and other dining options, as well as a seaside bar with views of Mount Olympus, serving unique cocktails. For families, there are private areas for BBQs, an open-air cinema, a children’s playground and other child-friendly areas. It is said that, 'people make the place'. We believe that when people are passionate about what they do (as is the case for the Douzis brothers), they create places that we want to experience, time and time again…

This is a seaside cultural experience that is sure to brighten your day.

Ergon Agora East
Ergon Agora East