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Thessaloniki, a modern city with over a million welcoming citizens has a vast variety of experiences to offer. Numerous ancient monuments still stand and reveal its unique historical past dating 23 centuries with a multicultural and cosmopolitan character. Each corner and every neighbourhood offers unique stories from different cultures, religions and eras. The museums and monuments, its gastronomy and culture, as well as its festivals and entertainment define the authentic profile of Thessaloniki. Vivid, 24 hours a day, with its youth setting the tone day and night, Thessaloniki is also famous for its idyllic seafront and modern promenade as well as its traditional local marketplaces. The city, apart from being a travel destination, is also an important business and economic centre of the country, as well as a hub for innovation. Visitors should take the time to explore the beaches of Halkidiki, the archaeological sites of Pella, and the mythical mountain of gods, Olympus


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