© Giorgos Kaplanidis/@kaplanidis

The reviving Dionysian Ritual

On the Paliki peninsula (Kefalonia’s wilder side), there is a path among the giant prickly pears that leads to the Haritatos Estate. On your way, as soon as the village of Monopolata appears on the horizon, the countdown to your acquaintance with Dionysus, the divine protector of the grapevine and feasts, begins. In the last days of August, the harvesting of grapes, an age-old ritual and rare opportunity, awaits; this, under the guidance of the Haritatos family who has been attached to the property since the 14th century. While exploring the area, walk in the company of the resident ducks, hens and playful dogs. Settle in with a good book among the other guests relaxing on the pebbled terraces and in the gardens. After touring the 120-acre property and saturating your lungs with scents coming from the grapevines, it’s time to sample the estate’s wines. These will surely soothe whatever it is that ails you, as great wine is known to do. When the wine has worked its magic and you’ve had your fill of the local delicacies, it’s time to press the grapes. Kick off your shoes and join in this ritual dance!