Α Cradle of Winemaking

The Muscat grapes of Samos birthed Metaxa cognac. As of today, the famous brand has an unconventional museum.

The reasons that make Samos famous for Muscat grapes are strong sunshine, seasonal rainfall and hard, orerich soil. That is why the brand has established a new home, Liknon (cradle, in Greek), on a 100-year-old vineyard on Mt Ambelos. The vineyards of Liknon unfold at successive heights. Following an old stone path, visitors tour the birthplace of Muscat, at times descending to points underground that reveal the roots of the vines. It is a sensuous experience. References to Spyros Metaxas, the founder of Metaxa and the first to marry Muscat with spirits, are prominent in the museum. With the Aegean as a backdrop and through the gastronomy based on local ingredients by chef Giannis Baxenavis, visiting the estate vineyards of Liknon is an intoxicating pleasure.

Liknon is a unique creation of K-Studio Architects.
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