Fun on the Farm

Return to nature – vegetables, olive trees, organic fruit, games and fun with farm animals!

Today, world travellers demand more authenticity from their holiday destinations. Leeda’s Farm in Lithakia of Zakynthos is ahead of the trends. It is Eden on earth – a magical landscape of olive groves, fruit trees and vegetable gardens surrounding a lake, and is home to farm animals of every domestic type. Depending on your needs, you can take peaceful walks in beautiful surroundings, sample the local harvests, or have a picnic outside where nature intended. Experience the joy of your child as they interact with the resident farm animals as they go about their daily routines. The farm is great for hosting birthday parties! Enjoy a private dinner, taste the true flavours of traditional Zakynthian products, and learn the process of their production. Before you leave, do not forget to adopt an olive tree, thus contributing to the farm’s long tradition of olive production. In this way, you will be bound to the island forever.