A Seaside Paradise

Hospitality in Greece has always been a family affair.

We take inspiration from those willing to open their arms, embracing you with their quintessence, traditions and culture. Next to the idyllic port of Agios Nikolaos in the north of Zakynthos, in Volimes village, the Nobelos family has built a paradise on the water. With respect to local architecture, it is made entirely from native stone. Views of the beach and the endless blue of the sea complete a vision of the island we love in its most pristine state. There are many reasons to fall for the Nobelos Seaside Lodge.

It is home to the island’s only organic bar and restaurant, an oasis of peace and privacy right on the beach. The views are stunning, and the cocktails and cuisine come from what the land provides. You will taste traditional island flavours in recipes baked in a wood oven with ingredients harvested from the family orchard and local farms. From breakfast to dinner, everything is seasonal and fresh.