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The hill of inspiration

Bohali, one of Zakynthos’ most beautiful villages located in the southern region of the island, on a rise overlooking the city, was once the rendezvous of aristocracy. Make your way up in the afternoon; the little cobbled street you will find on your right, just before you reach the crown of the hill, will lead you to Strani Hill – a beautiful park filled with pines and olive trees. In 1823, the poet Dionysios Solomos, the national poet of the Greeks, sat down in this very park under one of its trees and wrote the 632 verses of the Greek National Anthem, ‘Hymn to Freedom‘. After you’ve had your fill of the beautiful outdoors, explore Bohali village. Take in the panoramic views of Zakynthos from the Venetian castle, then be seated for dinner at a restaurant of your choice from which to watch the setting sun. Romanticism has resided in the enchanting Bohali for centuries. Enjoy your dinner under the stars. The illuminated city opposite will be waiting to be discovered with the first light of the sun.


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