A Natural Spa

Xigia beach is around 23 kilometres north-east of Zakynthos town. It has white pebbles, crystalline waters, and something else that makes it unique on the island. What is this special something? The underwater caves nearby which release sulphur, transforming the chill waters into a cold-water spa! In the old days, villagers used the sulphur to heal their livestock’s sores and cuts. However, over the years, people have become more aware of its medicinal properties: sulphur’s ability to cure medical conditions which affect the bones, joints and skin. What’s more, the beauty industry has realised how powerful an ally sulphur can be in the fight against acne and cellulite. Locating and accessing Xigia is easy; there’s parking, and umbrellas and loungers are available. If you get thirsty or hungry, there’s a canteen where you can purchase the essentials.

Tip: Stop off for a meal at Xigia taverna (the locals call it ‘Spyros’ tavern’) and enjoy bruschetta flavoured with local olive oil, and fresh fish straight out from the sea. Take a dip at Pelagaki as well, the beach right under the taverna. You’ll be grateful (and grateful to us) if you do!